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Margie Olds is a shoulder physiotherapist, currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. She has worked as a physiotherapist in New Zealand, the USA and the UK. While working in England, she was the lead therapist for British Canoeing and attended the Athens Olympic Games as their physiotherapist. She returned to New Zealand in 2006 and began her research career, investigating shoulder instability. She attained her Masters degrees in Health Science (Hons) in 2010 which investigated active stiffness in the unstable shoulder. She is in the closing stages of her PhD which has investigated recurrent shoulder instability after a first time traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation (FTASD). this was a prospective cohort study gathering data from across New Zealand. She has developed a predictive tool (Predicting Recurrent Instability of the Shoulder (PRIS)) that can be used in the shared-decision making process to inform people with a FTASD about the likelihood of recurrent shoulder instability.

While on a research fellowship at the University of Kentucky, she worked with Professor Tim Uhl, to establish the reliability of a clinical battery of tests that can be used to help clinicians decide whether their athlete is ready to return to sport. The tests (known as the Shoulder Arm Return to Sport (SARTS) tests are available online for clinicians to learn the factors that are required to pass and fail the tests.

Margie continues to practice clinically and owns and runs the Auckland Shoulder Clinic, where she works with a team of therapists who are equally as passionate about shoulder rehabilitation. She has developed a shoulder brace for people to wear on return to activity from a shoulder injury (www.flawlessmotion.com). She lives with her husband on the west coast of Auckland where they ride their bikes, kite surf and plan their next adventures.



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