Shoulder assessment and treatment:

Clinical tips and tricks Dr Margie Olds

February 22-23 AUCKLAND


This course is perfect for physiotherapists who want to advance their skills in the area of assessment and treatment of common shoulder presentations.

There will be a brief review of clinical tests, but the assessment aspect of the course will mainly focus on the clinical utility of assessment techniques (i.e. when and why to use specific assessment tools)

Topics covered include:

  • How to undertake a comprehensive and time-sensitive shoulder assessment
  • Assessment techniques – when, why and which technique to use
  • Traumatic and Atraumatic shoulder instability
  • Rotator Cuff pathology and treatment
  • Scapula dyskinesis: What is it and what to do about it?
  • Labral pathology: how to detect it, and what to do when you think there is a labral problem.

This course will be over 2 days (Saturday  and Sunday) and will use a case based approach to illustrate examples of both assessment and treatment. Practical examples of assessment and treatment techniques will be incorporated to ensure clinicians have new skills they can use when they return to the clinic.

It is an excellent pre-cursor to the Advanced shoulder course and will cover assessment and treatment of common shoulder presentation

Email: to register your interest for FEBRUARY 22-23, 2020, or enrol in the course below

The Adolescent Shoulder

17/02/2020 @ 6pm Auckland


If you have you ever thought that the adolescent shoulder is one of the most difficult problems to treat, you are not alone. It is challenging to deliver high quality care is school and private treatment environments.

Scapula Evening Course

18/11/2019 Auckland CBD

COST: $125.00 (INCL GST)

This evening course focuses on assessment and treatment of the scapula.

The evening will start with wine/beer and some pizza and then we will review the anatomy of the scapula. The course will also cover scapula assessment and rehabilitation.


Review of the latest literature pertaining to scapula assessment and treatment.

This is a 3 hour evening course on 18th of November

It is designed for both therapists who want to learn more about the scapula and also more experienced therapists wanting to review anatomy, biomechanics and treatment options.

  • Topics covered include:
  • Bony and muscular anatomy of the scapula
  • Kinematics of the scapula in healthy and injured people
  • Neurological lesions – time frames for recovery and how to treat
  • Strengthening scapula musculature – how to do it, why and when


Includes discussion on relationships with upper and lower trapezius – do we load upper trapezius or is it loaded already?
Dyskinesis – how can we tell, and what should we do

Join us for a fun evening of scapula discussions.

THIS COURSE IS NOW SOLD OUT – Please email for waitlist / register interest for next year

Return to Sport after a shoulder injury

Shoulder Arm Return to Sport (SARTS) Test Battery Dr Margie Olds

JULY 13TH, 2019 9:00 – 4:00PM OREWA


This one day course introduces the Shoulder Arm Return to Sport (SARTS) tests. This test batter has been developed by Dr Margie Olds to aid in the decision making process for athletes returning to sport after a shoulder injury. the course introduces the theory behind return to sport practices, and outlines key concepts such as the use of limb symmetry and normative data for criteria for return to sport. A review of the models that have been developed to guide return to play will also be discussed.