Shoulder Instability: Masterclass

Invest in the total package of shoulder instability courses, by leading clinician and researcher Dr Margie Olds. Buy all the shoulder instability courses and get over $130 NZD discount

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This course option offers you all the courses on shoulder instability at a discounted rate. The Masterclass option includes the following courses:

  • Classification of shoulder instability
  • Traumatic shoulder instability
  • Predicting recurrent shoulder instability
  • Multi-directional shoulder instability
  • Rehabilitation of the scapula
  • SARTS - Return to sport after shoulder injury

Please see the individual courses for more details
  The combined value of these individual courses is $632 NZD. When you buy them all together, the price is $500 NZD, giving you a saving of $132 NZD.  
The current COVID environment is a challenging period for physiotherapists and athletic trainers. We are not able to see as many patients in the clinic and have more time available for continuing education. However, there are significant financial challenges that are present as a consequence of decreased clinical caseloads. Furthermore, once lockdown restrictions are lifted, we will all be too busy treating patients again, to have time for our continuing professional development. To support your learning, we are instituting a 'Learn now, Pay later' approach.
Buy all 6 courses for $500 NZD now, pay a $100 NZD deposit, and pay the rest before the end of 2020. Please email us for details on this special Covid Offer. #stayathome #staywell #weareinthistogether    

  • iconClassification of shoulder instability
  • iconTraumatic shoulder instability
  • iconPredicting recurrent shoulder instability
  • iconMulti-directional shoulder instability
  • icon Rehabilitation of the scapula
  • iconSARTS - Return to sport after shoulder injury