Scapula Rehabilitation

This course outlines the clinical assessment and treatment of scapula dysfunction. It is designed for clinicians who are treating patients with scapula dysfunction. Also included are lectures on scapula anatomy, nerve palsies and scapula kinematics.

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This course focusses on the rehabilitation of the scapula. There is a great deal of discussion amongst clinicians and researchers regarding scapula rehabilitation. And a wide range of opinions exists regarding the rehabilitation of the scapula. These opinions range from strengthen/load the scapula globally, strengthen specific muscles or don't strengthen the scapula muscles at all! There is also discussion and disgreement over the assessment of the scapula. How reliable and clinically important is scapula dyskinesis? And does the dyskinesis alter with a 'scapula-focused' treatment approach. There are many unanswered questions here. This scapula course reviews the supporting research for each different view so that you can make up your own mind. It then offers a clinical approach to correcting scapula dysfunction which is based on movement patterns and relative strength/recruitment patterns of the scapula musculature. You will be guided through clinical algorithms developed through years of clinical experience. These algorithms provide you with a basis for your clinical treatment and have been shown to be clinically effective in both altering scapula dyskinesis and increasing scapula muscle strength/control. This course is designed to improve the way that you assess and treat patients with scapula dysfunction in the clinic. It comprises of 1 x 15 minute lecture, and 4 x 30 minute lectures. There are also 2 quizzes through the course, to check your understanding. At the end of the course, you are welcome to schedule a 15 minute one-to-one session with Margie to discuss key concepts of the course or problem patients you might have. Check out the course online.

  • iconScapula Anatomy
  • iconScapula Kinematics
  • iconNerve Palsies and the Scapula
  • iconAssessment of scapula dysfunction
  • iconTreatment of scapula dysfunction