Return to Sport after Shoulder Injury

This is a 2 hour lecture delivered to the Kinedyf group from Buenos Aires in September 2020. It outlines the current concepts and approaches that apply to therapists who are returning athletes to sport after a shoulder injury. The presentation is delivered in a 2x 1 hour format with questions from the participants included. Topics covered include: Time vs. Criteria, Psychological aspects of return to sport, Clinical tests to examine shoulder readiness to return to sport.

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This lecture is a presentation given to Kinedyf from Buenos Aires in September, 2020. It is available here online, for those that were unable to attend the virtual event. There is a review of the following aspects of return to sport: Time vs. criteria, psychological aspects of return to play, biomechanical aspects of return to sport decision making, and shoulder clinical tests that can guide return to sport decision making